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Rashi laptop

Happy Pesah, everyone!

Posted on 2012.04.06 at 14:02
Current Music: Tarnation - Little Black Egg

Hope everyone is liberated!

Hebrew Geek

Happy Purim!

Posted on 2012.03.07 at 20:24

Homemade Kumquat Hamentashen! Hooray!


Ron Paul and the far far right

Posted on 2012.02.07 at 16:57

This story isn’t being covered much. It is very important, especially for those of us who, just for a moment, may have thought, and only for a moment, that Ron Paul actually had something.

Rashi laptop

Valentine's Day Approacheth

Posted on 2012.02.06 at 23:54

If you need a nice valentine’s day gift, take a look at StellaStory, the Etsy store of my one true love and good lady wife! You’ll be glad you did.

Discourse ye

Brilliant, horrifying reasoning

Posted on 2012.01.22 at 12:16
Current Music: Johnny Cash - Thanks a Lot

Fox News’s Dr. Keith Ablow lets us know why Newt's series of marriages would make him a good president. I know that sometimes people’s lives are complicated, things happen, etc. etc. and some people have had two divorces. It doesn’t automatically mean they are bad people. But this is pretty much beyond the pale of rationality.

Moretto King David

I have figured Gingrich out.

Posted on 2012.01.21 at 23:03
Current Music: Fuzztones - Brand New Man

Newt Gingrich is the incarnation of the Yetzer Hara.

Rashi laptop


Posted on 2011.11.24 at 09:31

Thanks, everybody!

Rashi laptop

Shanah Tovah

Posted on 2011.09.28 at 17:25
Happy New Year, everyone!


Ah sweet sarcasm

Posted on 2011.09.07 at 13:38
Well done, sir.

Rashi laptop

Whole Foods helps monster job numbers

Posted on 2011.07.28 at 19:55
Current Music: Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray

I saw this sign at Whole Foods today, and it made me happy that they are stimulating employment among the monster demographic, getting them out from underneath bridges, giving them an alternative to stealing babies, etc. Kudos to Whole Foods!

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