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Rashi laptop

Mumblins from Da Mayah

Posted on 2005.06.04 at 21:40
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: Sex Pistols - Revolution in the Classroom
For those of you who know the geography of the Hub of the Universe (as the Boston area calls itself), I live just over the river (that's the Chahles rivah) from Boston, in the People's Republic of Cambridge. But we all sort of identify ourselves as Bostonians for the benefit of the country and the world at large. And our mayor is Tom Menino, affectionately known, even to himself on occasion, as 'mumbles.' Menino is an old-fashioned machine politician, catapulted to the mayoralty after former mayor Ray Flynn was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican by President Clinton. He is the first Italian-American Mayor after a long string of Irish-Americans. Despite being elected and re-elected by the efforts of a ruthless Democratic machine that essentially runs a one-party state, he is a pretty good guy and a good mayor. He is an avowed liberal, and no one who runs against him ever looks like they would do as well, let alone any better.
He is pretty darn inarticulate, though, as this site clearly demonstrates.

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