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Rashi laptop

False Alarm

Posted on 2005.06.16 at 12:38
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Beat Happening - Bonfire
First off, my class went really well. It seems like a good group of people, and my prep seemed to be right on. I have a tendency to lecture too much, but that is necessary in the first class, when I am getting them up to speed a little bit. Unfortunately, I have to come up with detailed class plans for each meeting. Oh well.
So yesterday I got THE CALL from my sister, that she was really going into labor, and I should come over and stay the night with little Sophie (who, at 18 months, has no idea what is going on) while she and Peter (mostly her) go off and bear offspring.
When Sophie was born, I was out of town taking care of Dad, so this is the most involved I have been in this sort of thing. Trained by TV, I assumed that this was incredibly urgent, and that things were going to happen quickly, and that if I didn't speed over there, she would have to have the baby in the hallway or something. Not true. I got there with all haste, but Sarah was still lying on the couch. As she timed the contractions, they got closer together... and then farther apart. And farther apart. After about 5 hours or so, it became apparent that nothing was going to happen that night, so I was dismissed. I didn't mind. It is great to be even a bit player in all of this, and I got to see Sophie, (who calls me 'unkie') which is always great.
So it could be anytime. I am at the ready! I sit here at the Diesel Cafe (with its wireless internet!) waiting for... THE CALL!

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