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Rights for Beer

Posted on 2005.07.29 at 10:14
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I approve of this... Bostonian Jim Koch, maker of Sam Adams, has released his Beer Drinker's Bill of Rights, which contains a controversial position on cans versus bottles. My favorite part is when it gets all revolutionary in tone: "I wouldn't have named my beer after a revolutionary if I was afraid of generating controversy over my principles," Koch said. ''I recognize others have different standards and may make compromises that I'm not willing to make."

Just in case you were wondering, the actual Beer Drinker's Bill of Rights is as follows:

I. All beer drinkers are guaranteed a right to enjoy the highest quality beer.

II. Beer shall be brewed employing only the four classic beer ingredients; water, yeast, malt and hops.

III. Use of adjuncts such as corn syrup, rice or corn grits is strictly prohibited as it lightens the true character of a fine brew.

IV. Beer shall be brewed over a length of time to maximize flavor, not a shorter time to maximize production.

V. The color of the bottle is essential to the quality of the beer; hence, bottling shall occur only in brown bottles to safeguard the beer from the damaging effects of light. No skunky beer.

VI. Beer shall be offered in bottles, not cans, so that no brew is jeopardized with the taste of metal.

VII. Beer shall be savored and enjoyed responsibly.

VIII. Beer shall be served at 35º - 42º F for maximum flavor.

IX. Light beers have equal right to flavor and body, as do all styles of beer.

X. Freshness of beer shall be considered of the utmost importance to all citizens.

Vive la biere!


Release the Kraken!
delerium69 at 2005-07-29 14:48 (UTC) (Link)
That's actually really cool. It kinda makes me sad that I don't like Sam Adams beer. I've tried, I really have - but I just don't like the taste.

I guess I'm too much of a stout/Belgian beer grrl. Oh well.
theservant at 2005-07-29 14:50 (UTC) (Link)
Whatever works for ya! That's what America is all about!
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