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Rashi laptop

A hopeful start to the New Year?

Posted on 2005.10.03 at 11:05
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Current Music: Blind Willie McTell - It's A Good Little Thing
Tonight is the beginning of both Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan, a rare occurrence, and perhaps a hopeful one. I was really moved when I read these remarks by King Abdullah of Jordan to a group of American rabbis. They are worth looking at, but I will quote a small portion of them here

"It cannot be denied that the relationship between Jews and Muslims has been very difficult in recent years. Nonetheless, at this moment in history, we have no choice but to take bold strides towards mutual forgiveness and reconciliation. We face a common threat: extremist distortions of religion and the wanton acts of violence that derive therefrom. Such abominations have already divided us from without for far too long. We all too often fail to acknowledge that they also threaten to destroy us from within. This is not simply a matter of importance to Jews and Muslims, it is something that confronts and threatens the whole of humanity.
The only antidote is that we work together in a spirit of mutual co-operation and respect to defeat this common enemy. We must move beyond the language of mere tolerance toward true acceptance. Our common faith in the One God and our shared history are the greatest asset in combating the forces that threaten to undo everything that is sacred to us all."

So that is something for all of us to think about. Ramadan Mubarak, and Shanah Tovah. May we all be written down and sealed up for a good and sweet new year!


shullie at 2005-10-03 15:33 (UTC) (Link)
I wish you many blessing for the new year... I hope that it brings joy to you and yours

Shanah Tovah

theservant at 2005-10-03 15:48 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! Same back to you.
jeejeen at 2005-10-03 17:12 (UTC) (Link)
L'shanah Tovah!
Eat some gefilte fish for me. Or, you know, don't.

Also, I need some kind of religious icon that isn't offensive. But at least it's not God typing on a powerbook.
theservant at 2005-10-03 17:18 (UTC) (Link)
That's RASHI typing on a powerbook!
maybe you could make an icon that is an icon. You could be an iconodule.
Or you could have no icon and be an iconoclast?
Tim Lieder
marlowe1 at 2005-10-03 19:59 (UTC) (Link)
Post this on weirdjews2 and pro_war_liberal if you have the time.

It's weird though - Israel NOT being the unifying enemy.
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