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Rashi laptop

Blasphemously funny!

Posted on 2005.12.03 at 19:29
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OK, I don't agree with what they are saying, but this group at the University of Texas- San Antonio will give you porn in exchange for your Bible. I like the idea that this is happening in Texas, and I agree with pissing off many of the people who will be pissed off. I also have a few spare Bibles lying around somewhere...


metalclarinet at 2005-12-04 04:24 (UTC) (Link)

Well, when I was in college

In college (circa 1968) my friend Al and I once set up a table in the Student Union (University of Maryland) to recruit mercenaries for the Nigerian army. The Nigerian army was suppressing a revolt by the Biafrans, one of three principal ethnic groups. News analysts said that two million Biafrans would starve to death. The thought horrified most people and many students were aghast that we would recruit students to help with murder. Today, this would be similar to recruiting for the Janjaweed Militia.

Al and I argued that it would be stupid to fight for a loser and prolong the suffering. And, we added, we had been very well paid. We explained that the revolt would be over before there was much starvation. (Coincidentally, this turned out to be true.)

I knew nothing about things military, so I claimed that my stint mostly entailed driving a tractor. I said that I never heard a shot fired in anger. Al was more forthcoming with exploits. He looked over our potential recruits and explained that our employers wanted white men with guns. It was a local tradition.

A few guys signed up for additional information and hung around to talk weapons and tactics. Many more people got upset and that night the black student association held an emergency meeting to pass resolutions about us. We met them the following day with a new sign -- collecting floatable material to save California from sinking into the Pacific.

We were banished from the student union for a couple weeks. We recouped by getting hundreds of signatures on a petition to return the campus to the Indians.

Free speach is not for the timid.
theservant at 2005-12-04 04:28 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Well, when I was in college

Ah those were the days. I often tell the LaRouche people who sometimes frequent Harvard Square that I am looking to join up with the Zionist Illuminati types, since they are obviously on the winning side, and seem to control everything except this one crappy little newspaper that the Larouchies have to hawk themselves.
They are usually not very amused. Once one literally shook with anger, turning red in the face before hurling the worst insult he could imagine at me..."I bet you believe the Warren report!"
shullie at 2005-12-04 10:08 (UTC) (Link)
wonderful have had to pass it on to all those 'serious' Biblical Scholars I know.... as well as few others on here... and well all over... :)
Cleopatra Brimstone
paper_crystals at 2005-12-05 01:25 (UTC) (Link)
I don't know one believer that would take his Bible and turn it in for pornography.

Someone hasn't been reading The Good Book to carefully. Some of the stuff in the bible makes Playboy look like a good-night kiss. Let's start with what happened after Lot left Sodom shall we? Oh, yes. Incest. And as I recall that wasn't the first tiem either. Incest in the bible.
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