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Yeah... so much for that father-honoring thing

Posted on 2005.12.12 at 21:58
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If this report is accurate, then Chris Wallace of Fox News is a poor excuse for a human being.


(Anonymous) at 2005-12-13 05:12 (UTC) (Link)
Whenever we talk about "will to win", etc, I think of the Germans in Stalingrad. They didn't have a free press,so no dissent was heard. Of course, they also didn't have a way to get their troops out, either. However, Hitler preferred that they fight to the last man rather than show any loss of will. As a result, a huge number starved to death. All to avoid admitting error.

Which brings us to Bush's latest statement, that knowing what he knows today, he would still invade.

Electing Bush may not show that the country was f***ed-up. But it means we are f***ed.
theservant at 2005-12-13 05:14 (UTC) (Link)
And not in the happy, fun way either.
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