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Samurai Jack

Dare to name a fish!

Posted on 2006.01.16 at 20:30
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Current Music: This really good Lincoln documentary on the History Channel
Please help suzermagoozer to name her fish!

Edit: And the winner is...


metalclarinet at 2006-01-17 04:07 (UTC) (Link)

here is where I get all fuzzy on the details.

I no longer recall the guy's name, but I think he was an Ictheologist who ended up becoming president of Stanford. Or some other big school in California. Initially, he was terrific of remembering everyone's name. He would explain that it came from his training as an ictheologist.

After a year, his staff noted that he was beginning to have trouble with names. They began to worry if it might be a health related issue. Finally, they approached him an asked.

He replied, "Oh, no problem. I discovered that each time I learned a new name, I forgot the name of a fish. Must be a limit to how many names you can learn. Anyway, the fish are more important to me."
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