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Master Shake

Tell me, Mr. Marlowe...

Posted on 2006.01.28 at 19:00
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Current Music: The 4th Amendment - Always Blue
says the dame, 'Do you fall in love with all your clients?'
"Only the ones in skirts." replies Marlowe.

I just finished watching Lady in the Lake, a 1947 film noir hard-boiled detective movie, distinguished mainly as Robert Montgomery's directorial debut; he also plays Marlowe, sort of.
The whole movie is shot from Marlowe's point of view, as if the viewer were looking out through his eyes. The only times you see Montgomery are when he looks into a mirror. The other actors all talk directly into the camera.
It works pretty well! If nothing else, it makes what would be a fairly pedestrian detective picture with some snappy dialogue into a really interesting feelm.

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