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Rashi laptop

Just in case it doesn't work out...

Posted on 2006.02.02 at 13:51
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: Chris Thomas King - Death Letter Blues
I am sure that everyone goes into marriage with the best of intentions and hopes, but sometimes it doesn't work out, and sometimes it REALLY doesn't work out. For those times, here is a place, Goddammo, which will take your wedding ring, melt it down, and cast it into a BULLET!
Scary, but kind of poetic.


sputnik5 at 2006-02-02 20:20 (UTC) (Link)
Sadly, wedding rings are pretty much never made out of silver, so they won't really be useful as a bullet in those situations that really count.
theservant at 2006-02-02 21:23 (UTC) (Link)
Well I just have to say that I like the way your mind works.
I guess you could send them some silver and they would do that- I don't see why not.
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