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Johnny Cash Finger

Burning them alive is not exploitative?

Posted on 2006.09.28 at 21:53


metalclarinet at 2006-09-30 03:32 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Our Good Old (ex-)Goy

That would be Chuck Robb -- another room temperature IQ, which is what we elect from Virginia. Chuck was a three termer and before that had been governor of the state. Chuck is known for marrying one of LBJ's daughters and also for going into a motel room with Miss Virginia, taking off all his clothes, and claiming he only got a back rub.

He would have lost the prior election except that he ran against Ollie North -- the only man in the state with worse negatives. Many dems still vote for John Warner because Warner endorsed Robb and probably made the difference in the election.

So, if it wasn't for Warner, we might be talking about future president North instead of Hebe Makaka.
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