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More on the Alabama Idiot Man-Child

Posted on 2003.08.24 at 23:22
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As anyone reading this may have guessed, I really don't like Roy Moore. Kudos to the rest of the Alabama supreme court for suspending him. He is so incredibly annoying and foolish as to be almost laughable. Almost, I say.
In the last entry, I demonstrated conclusively how his argument is un-American and against the Constitution. Here is why it is ridiculous based on the Ten Commandments themselves.
First off, the Hebrew Bible a.k.a. the Old Testament has, by traditional count, 613 commandments, not just ten. Also, his monument is looking pretty graven to me. How does he interpret that commandment? How is that part of the basis of American law? Don't ask me. Are they honoring the Sabbath day? I didn't hear about them taking a break on Saturday. They probably think that Sunday is the Sabbath, but it isn't. Sunday is the Lord's day, the early Christian celebration being changed from the Sabbath to the Lord's day in an effort to differentiate their worship practices. So they don't know what they are talking about.
Moore's monument uses the King James translation of the Exodus chapter 20, in which one version of the Ten Commandments can be found (another slightly different form is in Deuteronomy 5). One of the commandments is, in the King James version, 'Thou shalt not kill.' Fine sentiments, bad translation. The Hebrew version says very plainly 'Do not murder.' This was properly reflected in earlier , pre-King James English translations, which had something like 'Thou shalt do no murder.'
Now this may seem out of character, but just to show that I am fair and balanced, I will not hold Moore accountable for not being that well versed in translation issues. What I will hold him accoutable for is for thinking that G-d doesn't want you to kill, and still being not only in favor of, but an administrator of, the death penalty.
When you think about it, the translation about not killing doesn't really make much sense, given that the Bible doesn't mandate some kind of fruitarian pacifist lifestyle. You get to kill stuff all the time. You get to kill animals for food, although only in a prescribed and humane manner, you can kill people who are trying to kill you, or who have been appropriately condemned to death by a court (although this was phased out sometime around the first or second century). You can kill plants by pulling them up to get at their edible parts. So what the hell does Moore think that that commandment means, and how does he feel about the fact that he probably violates it all the time?
In the immortal words of the sage Bugs Bunny, "Whatta maroon."

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