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Holiday Recipes from Your Little Chefs

Posted on 2006.12.27 at 13:53
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Meret’s class did a project to improve their writing: each kid wrote out a recipe for a holiday treat, and then the teacher typed them up in a cute font, and made a booklet bound with a little ribbon for each one to take home. The goal was to work on writing, spelling, and the idea of giving clear directions. Edibility or accuracy were not goals of this excercise.
With the names removed to protect the privacy of the individuals, I now present:
The Best of 1st Grade Recipes!

Gingerbread House
1. Go to the store. Go to the aisle that has gingerbread.
2. Look for a gingerbread house. Pick out a gingerbread house.
3. Go to the checkout desk. Pay and enjoy!

Mashed Potatoes
1. Get a potato and butter.
2. Peel the potato.
3. Mash butter with the potato.
4. Eat it.

1. You need lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers.
2. Then you make it so it will be yummy.
3. To be yummy, chop the vegetables up and take a plate to the table.
4. Remember to take salad dressing and eat it up.

Christmas Cookies
1. Go to the market. Get Christmas cookies and get sprinkles and get goop. Pay for them.
2. Go home. Go in and put the goop on the Christmas cookies.
3. Put the sprinkles on the goop and enjoy!

Chinese Food
1. Go to a Chinese market. Get your favorite foods.
2. Buy ‘em. Cook ‘em in an oven. Wait until it is soft and easy to eat. Danger! It’s hot!
3. Bring the food to the table...
4. and enjoy! Eat on the table.

Jelly Donut (this is Meret’s- I asked her if I could use her name)
1. Ingredients: Get a donut. Get Jelly.
2. Make a little hole in the donut.
3. Hollow it out with a spoon. You squirt the jelly in.
4. Then enjoy!

Chocolate Cookies
1. First you need to go to the supermarket. Then you need to go down the aisle that has cookie dough.
2. Then go back home to cook the cookie dough. First put the cookie dough in the oven.
3. Then you are done.

Gingerbread House
1. Get some gingerbread.
2. Get some chocolate.
3. Get some M&Ms.
4. You need to make a door, a roof, and walls.

And there you have it! Bon Appetit!


suzermagoozer at 2006-12-27 19:32 (UTC) (Link)
when i had a choice of links...jelly donut is the FIRST one i clicked!

and holy cow, she did the best of anyone.
that mashed potato kid is going to have problems later in life.
theservant at 2006-12-27 20:02 (UTC) (Link)
I told meret you liked it and she said "Did she TRY it?"
metalclarinet at 2006-12-27 19:48 (UTC) (Link)
Somewhere I have a copy of a booklet put together in an elementary school in northern Alaska. The recipe for frozen flounder was

1) Put fish outside for a couple hours
2) ready to eat
theservant at 2006-12-27 20:03 (UTC) (Link)
Fishsicles? I'll pass.
(Anonymous) at 2007-01-02 17:51 (UTC) (Link)
fishsicles... hmmm. ask lucy about her dogs and poopsicles. sort of funny.
also, i was very proud of myself when i was about meret's age because the joke i submitted to the library's contest for a joke book was added to their collection. the joke was- where does the general keep his little army? in his little sleeve-y. ah, it's just as funny and fresh 20 years later.
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