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Shmuley vs. Britney: This time it's personal

Posted on 2007.02.06 at 20:19
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OR: If you wear a Star of David, you should also wear underwear.

R. Shmuley Boteach takes Britney Spears to task for being a bad role model, and gets in some attacks on Madonna besides. Kind of an easy target.


sputnik5 at 2007-02-07 01:46 (UTC) (Link)
Um, there is indeed a saying 'Either take off the cross or put your underwear back on.' I guess this is similar.
Not a big fan of Rabbi Boteach, but I liked his point re: Madonna.
theservant at 2007-02-07 06:26 (UTC) (Link)
I did too, although I think that the claim that she single-handedly ruined our entire culture to the point where the only thing any sane person would do is move to pure, clean, Britain was a bit over the top.
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