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Ha! Ha!

Grindhouse and the Best Review Ever

Posted on 2007.03.26 at 08:31
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In the past I have examined the art of the bad movie review; but there is also an art to the good movie review, and it has reached its apotheosis. I have been looking forward to seeing the upcoming Tarantino/Rodriguez epic Grindhouse, but now I am really REALLY looking forward since reading this review which promises that it will 'explode in our balls like a shotgun filled with handjobs!' Man, I wish I had written something like that.


mrfares at 2007-03-27 02:04 (UTC) (Link)
My favorite line is
"he can legally change his name to a picture of a naked Viking woman on a snowmobile with flamethrowers out the back and the flamethrowers are killing a Yeti."

and that from a man who wrote only two weeks ago ..."My final analysis is 300 the most ass-ruling movie I’ve seen this year, and will probably be the King of 2007 unless someone makes a movie where a pair of sentient boobs fights a werewolf."
theservant at 2007-03-27 04:08 (UTC) (Link)
That guy is having a good year.
metalclarinet at 2007-03-27 04:48 (UTC) (Link)
Save the line. Won't you get to write sermons in your line of work?
theservant at 2007-03-27 12:10 (UTC) (Link)
Whatever I do, I will endeavor to work in those lines.
(Anonymous) at 2007-03-29 15:00 (UTC) (Link)
haha, king james, bitch.... haha
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