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Rashi laptop


Posted on 2003.05.06 at 12:57
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: Jacob Miller-Moses
No one is reading this blog.
That is not that surprising for several reasons, to whit:
1) I haven't told enough people that it exists.
2) It sucks.
The first one is easy enough to fix, although it is sort of intimidating to tell people to go and read something you wrote that is not, as of yet, very good or interesting. That is someting that I am really going to have to work on, if I want this to be interesting. I think that this public angst, for instance, is something that is probably not that interesting.
This thing needs focus. Or at least foci. Music, politics, TV. Biblical interpretation. These are things upon which I should concentrate, it seems. Putting up interesting links sounds like a good idea as well. But only if I actually have something interesting to say about said links. I don't wanna just throw things up there. Not much point in that, especially given that no one will ever see them.
OK, onward and upward.

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