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Rashi laptop

Watch out for these drivers!

Posted on 2003.09.23 at 12:01
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One of my tasks yesterday was to make sure that the doctor gave my Dad a disabled parking sticker. The doctor filled out a state form which I have to take to the DMV (oh joy!); what struck me was the section where the doctor has to check off the specific need of the applicant. For my Dad he checked off the generic 'has trouble walking' box, and others seemed reasonable, covering people using oxygen, people in wheelchairs, and the like. The thing is that the final box you could check was if the person was blind! If you are blind, you can get a disabled sticker for your car. Just thought I would let you know.
OK, I know, I know, this is probably so that when people drive blind people somewhere they don't have to walk so far, not because blind people are driving. But it makes a better story the other way, I think.

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