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Wile E. TF

I'm not even sure how one would DO that with a picnic table

Posted on 2008.03.30 at 23:43
Current Music: The Carter Family - Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
But this guy has figured out how to be intimate with one. At least, according to the article, it wasn’t any kind of one-night stand thing; they had an ongoing relationship. Still, I admit to a morbid curiosity regarding the mechanics of the activity.


Cleopatra Brimstone
paper_crystals at 2008-03-31 03:50 (UTC) (Link)

You know if gay marriage is legal...

People and their picnic tables can form civil unions.

theservant at 2008-03-31 05:38 (UTC) (Link)

Re: You know if gay marriage is legal...

It's a slippery slope.
Chavah ("Little Raccoon") bat Sarah
qilora at 2008-03-31 04:12 (UTC) (Link)


think "where the umbrella-pole goes"

theservant at 2008-03-31 05:37 (UTC) (Link)
I was thinking one of those other kind, with the built-in benches? But your way makes more sense. I guess I am naive about such things.
Release the Kraken!
delerium69 at 2008-03-31 04:52 (UTC) (Link)
Ewwwwwwwww. Now my brain needs a bath.

(BTW, very cool that you like The Carter Family.)
theservant at 2008-03-31 05:38 (UTC) (Link)
Thank ya kindly. I am reading a book about them.
the cold genius
angevin2 at 2008-03-31 05:29 (UTC) (Link)
Well, at least it was a metal table.

Because my first thought was "OMG SPLINTERS."

Also, the most disturbing part of the article was less the guy having sex with his picnic table than it was the guy who filmed this event frequently enough to provide material for three DVDs.
theservant at 2008-03-31 05:36 (UTC) (Link)
Everyone needs a hobby.
sputnik5 at 2008-03-31 14:26 (UTC) (Link)
Why is he accused of having sex with his picnic table as opposed to indecent exposure? Is it illegal in this country to have sex with picnic tables???
(Anonymous) at 2008-04-03 07:49 (UTC) (Link)
amazing how many words in that article i misread, like "deck" and "tilts."
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