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Rashi laptop

Does this mean he will vote Obama?

Posted on 2008.06.05 at 11:54
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Ahhhh. Here is what the internet is best at. Providing forums for absolute bad craziness. In that vein, I present a web page entitled “John McCain: Rothschild Puppet, Zionist Warmonger ,” which blows the lid off the conspiracy. Did you know that the Jewish practice of wearing kippot is a mockery of Jesus’ crucifixion? You will after you read this! It must be true... it’s on the INTERNET!


Release the Kraken!
delerium69 at 2008-06-05 20:56 (UTC) (Link)
"Paranoia, the destroyer"

Seriously, what causes these people to be so hateful and unstable?
theservant at 2008-06-05 22:30 (UTC) (Link)
Fluoride in the drinking water.
lucidpseudogod at 2008-06-05 20:57 (UTC) (Link)

conspiracy of laziness maybe

when people pick politicians it's like this
the town gets together, 'who do we want to get rid of?'
-that guy/girl-
'can they deal with undesirables'

ok, off you go.

no decent people want to wear suits and ties and deal with all this mess,
so, they always ask 'is the person jew-approved?' 'really, so they can't be that dumb'

if THEY fail, we blame the people that 'approved' them

because I'm a christian and I wouldn't be caught DEAD being a politician.
-town goes back to being lazy, waits to see what 'jew-approved person can 'get out of those damn jews in washington'

just an endless cycle of wait and blame.

because if anyone ever proposes 'not-laziness' as a solution to any conspiracy, it's obviously some kind of 'try to get us to not be lazy/real americans/ conspiracy' and off it goes again!

I'm going to check out that link though, and maybe I can find out what a kippot is.

like they have to be 'jew approved, but NOT-jews'
see, this paradoxical set of perameters for requirement for politicians
is the key to cover-up, because they couldn't be observant

remember the jewish guy who ran with al gore? lieberman
I think that means 'lovelyguy', wow. can't trust him he's an
'out jew' a real jew who said
'I would work on the sabbath if I had to, because that would be my honor to work for others' or something

so they can't have an out jew, they have to wait to see
'what non-jewish guy can we FORCE the jews to approve so we can blame them later'
lucidpseudogod at 2008-06-05 21:08 (UTC) (Link)

lieberman's gay now?

wow, way to slander guys, and I think anyone could be photoshopped into the wailing wall (if need be)

how is it part of the zionist agenda to start more war?
will ww3 attract all jews to zion for some kind of last concert
with the rolling stones? see israel before it's destroyed

everyone knows the escalation of middle east war inches closer
to Iran vs. Israel, so how is zionist agenda pro-destruction of

I don't know, all the david icke lizard people might need to come down from their super expensive 'intelligence agency' drugs.

can someone design a video game about politics, for the stay at home nerds, you can cast 'jew' on people to qualify and disqualify them from, from making any sense I guess.

'contestant is attempting to approve gay marriage: quickly cast jew on them!'
-jews don't approve gay marriage-
oh no he's wearing jew-blockers
-disqualified, for wearing jew-blockers-

ouch sir, this line of reasoning leads to a magical dictionary where
everyone is free to redefine everything as long as they are out of reach of a real dictionary.

the sad thing is, any 'non illuminati endorsed gay satan jew worshipping lizard freemason' would just get chewed up in politics.
theservant at 2008-06-05 22:29 (UTC) (Link)

Re: lieberman's gay now?

Only illuminati endorsed gay satan worshipping jew lizard freemasons have a chance in this system.
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