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A brief rant about the Olympics and China

Posted on 2008.08.03 at 00:33
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OK, I agree with all the articles I am reading lately that it is wrong and horrible that China is trying to censor the internet during the Olympics and control the flow of information. I am against that. But could the media please get some historical perspective, and stop saying things like (and I am too lazy too look up the exact quotes) these are the most politically charged Olympics ever, or that this is the most oppressive regime to have the games? Can people please remember the 1936 Berlin Olympics that were actually held in Nazi Germany, and whose opening ceremonies were presided over by Adolph freakin’ HITLER? I just feel that some historical perspective is needed, that’s all.


lucidpseudogod at 2008-08-04 00:39 (UTC) (Link)
China seems to be more oriented -orient-ed?- towards equalizing monetary
pride, and not having people being referred to be encouraged to intake
and simulate and empathize with those who can not get properly

'economically indulged'. people who cannot afford to go to the olympics
or get 'ripped off', are being censored, in my un-informed, slightly read
opinion, in order to discourage 'copycat complaints'

'waaaah! we didn't get what we want from silly extreme exploitation
muscling event'

then again, this IS 'China'

you know

showing people deformed babies in Jars, China?
yeah, that China. Eating cats and dogs China.
Relax and smoke a Joint China, that China.

Hmmmm, we could kill two birds with one stone and
donate bill gates/microsoft to China.
or would that be seen as a trojan horse and trigger War?
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