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Magen David

Birthday cake! Schematics and reality.

Posted on 2008.12.08 at 16:51
Current Music: Gladiators - Rude Boy Ska
Saturday was Meret’s 9th birthday. Somehow we ended up having two parties; one on the 14th for all her friends, and then having her cousins over last Saturday evening which somehow turned into 8 aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It was actually a lot of fun, and a good time was had by all. The cake was designed by Meret and brilliantly executed by the lovely and obviously talented Stefanie. Meret is in something of an Egyptian phase right now, so the cake she designed was a pyramid (actually a ziggurat, but hey- she’s a semite), with, for reasons known to the imagination of a little girl, snow on it. I submit the drawing for your approval. Click to embiggen.

and the actual cake, which Stefanie made. Completely vegan, except for the Oreos! It was really really good too. And I don’t say that about just any cake!


just laur
echafaud at 2008-12-09 01:01 (UTC) (Link)
"egipshin"!! so cute!

meret means "beloved" in ancient egyptian, as a matter of fact (i assume it's something similar in hebrew?)
theservant at 2008-12-09 02:40 (UTC) (Link)
Actually, she's named after Meret Oppenheim, the surrealist photographer. Meretz in Hebrew means 'energy,' and is one of my nicknames for her. Her Hebrew name is Esther, which is really a Persian word, go figure.
(Anonymous) at 2008-12-10 19:23 (UTC) (Link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MERET! and i don't use caps lightly! how exciting. that cake is beautiful. there's no stopping the meret/ stef combo. you should certainly ask stef if she remembers my great cake ideas. and by great, i mean disastrous. we thought we would make a delicious vegan cake (but i forgot the vinegar) for lucy with knitting on it- we would knit a licorice sock (which turned into crocheted licorice edging), and when that didn't work, we decided to sift cocoa over the cake in the shape of a sock. instead, we basically dumped a huge lump of cocoa in the middle. oops. i wasn't such a good help in terms of releasing stef's amazing creative powers...

(can't sign in for some reason- it's balissa!)
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