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Posted on 2009.01.06 at 15:59
Current Music: Esquerita - I Got A Lot To Learn
My Chanukkah present from Stefanie got somehow delayed in coming. I was slightly bummed out, but then yesterday it came! Something I have always wanted (at least since I heard they existed... a champage sabre!!!!
A little background; during the Napoleonic era, it became the height of suaveness for a gentleman to open a bottle of champagne for a lady by drawing his sword and hitting the bottle just so so that the neck snaps clean off. When I read about this, many years ago, I thought it sounded like the coolest thing I had ever heard. And I still think that. And now I have a sabre! They make them specially for this purpose. I just got back from buying some champagne. We asked the guy what he would recommend that was not so cheap that it would be worth it if I actually get it right, but not too expensive so that it would be a tragedy if I end up smashing the bottle to pieces by hitting it with this sword. The sales guy was pretty horrified by the whole thing; he had never heard of it. He asked if it was a Jewish tradition. I should have said yes.
Anyway, I will let people know how it goes once I get it together to try it. What a cool present! Thanks, Stefanie!!!

Here is a link to a how-to video
how to open a bottle of champagne with a sabre


Wrapped up in books
dithie at 2009-01-06 21:40 (UTC) (Link)
ha! you definitely should have told him it was a jewish tradition. what hilarity!
i'm very excited that you're going to try this - please post how it goes!!
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