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Romantic music for V-day?

Posted on 2009.02.05 at 11:55
Current Music: Evil Sulu - Spinning Sideways
As it turns out, Stefanie and I will be sans daughter on Valentine’s Day. I made reservations at a nice restaurant, (The Blue Room, which caters to vegetarian tastes which is how we eat when not at a kosher place) and romance is in the air. So as is my wont, I am assembling a playlist of romantic music for the trip there, and for later on.
I am trying not to duplicate our wedding list too much, although there are some things that deserve repeating.
Here is what I have so far, in no particular order. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! As you can see, all genres of music can be worked in.

Little Wing        The Jimi Hendrix Experience (This was our first dance at our wedding)
I Deserve It        Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham (This is a very romantic song, in case you don’t know it)
Johnny & June                                        Heidi Newfield
To Know Her Is To Love Her                Beatles
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend                Ramones
Oh Oh I Love Her So                        Ramones
She's The One                                        Ramones
I Dig Your Mind                Nervous Breakdowns
I Love You Because                Johnny Cash
Angel Baby        Rosie & the Originals        
That Special Kind of Clay        Thee Headcoats
I Happen To Love You        Electric Prunes
I'm Gonna Make You Mine        Shadows of Knight
I Need You                The Kinks
London Girl        SJ & The Crossroads
Two Of A Kind        Syd Barrett
Smell of Incense        The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (Held by me to be the most atmospheric/sexy song ever)
Girl (You Captivate Me)                ? and the Mysterians
Fortune Cookie Prize                        Beat Happening
H.W.C.                Liz Phair
I Dig You                Boss Hog        
Love Me                The Cramps (And may we have the fruitfulness and longevity of Lux and Ivy’s marriage!)

That’s what I have so far. Any suggestions or thoughts would be much appreciated!


dividedbyzero at 2009-02-05 18:53 (UTC) (Link)
Hrm. I'll think on that, but let me just say that the Hendrix version of Little Wing gives me goosebumps. If it comes on iTunes while I'm at work, I usually can't continue doing whatever task I was doing until it's over.

It's just that amazing to me.
theservant at 2009-02-06 06:01 (UTC) (Link)
I quite agree!
mrfares at 2009-02-06 04:38 (UTC) (Link)

Here's a handful

Roy Orbison- You Got It
Ramones- I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Teenage Fanclub- What You Do to Me
Ray Charles- Hallelujah, I Love Her So
The Del Rios- There's a Love
Bob Wills- Little Star of Heaven
theservant at 2009-02-06 06:01 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Here's a handful

Those are good ones! Thanks!
suzermagoozer at 2009-02-06 20:12 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Here's a handful

good call on orbison and ray charles. i would have said those for sure.
theservant at 2009-02-06 20:59 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Here's a handful

suzermagoozer at 2009-02-06 20:11 (UTC) (Link)
do they have to be rockin songs...or can they be soft and ballady?

theservant at 2009-02-06 20:58 (UTC) (Link)
Any and all suggestions are welcome!
suzermagoozer at 2009-02-06 22:38 (UTC) (Link)
by your side, sade
come away with me, norah jones
can't help falling in love with you, elvis
god only knows, the beach boys

ill think of more. at home i have a list.
jonnymoon at 2009-02-06 21:48 (UTC) (Link)
Rascal Flats - "God Bless the Broken Road"
Orleans - "Dance With Me" or "You're Still the One"
theservant at 2009-02-06 22:20 (UTC) (Link)
One time we were all in the car and that Rascal Flats song came on, and Meret said "Mommy, that could be about you guys!"
jonnymoon at 2009-02-06 22:28 (UTC) (Link)

It *is* about me and my fiance'. We actually were together, broke up, and both of us had really terrible relationships after that...so we got back together.

We're getting married in May.
theservant at 2009-02-08 13:43 (UTC) (Link)
jonnymoon at 2009-02-11 02:47 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you.

Hey, I meant to ask you, who do you favor more? Bibi or Livni?
theservant at 2009-02-11 03:25 (UTC) (Link)
I dunno. I guess Livni, because I think that she can be more pragmatic. Bibi is sort of locked into some policies and ideology that I think might not be what is called for.
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