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More on the romantic playlist

Posted on 2009.02.11 at 11:58
Current Music: The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Smell of Incense
OK, so here is a more complete version, because I am sure you care, of my romantic Valentine’s Day playlist for Stefanie. People’s suggestions were really helpful! They steered me towards some more contemporary things and generally away from my own obscure garage-punk love rants. I put in some more Ramones, though, because... it’s the Ramones, and they mean a lot to Stefanie and me.
Here’s what I have so far, in no particular order

Little Wing        The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Our first dance at our wedding!)
I Deserve It        Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham (Beautiful and very underappreciated/unknown)
To Know Her Is To Love Her                Beatles
Angel Baby        Rosie & the Originals
You're My Baby        Roy Orbison (Several people mentioned Orbison, so I went with this one, which is good ‘cause I own it.)
Little Star of Heaven                Bob Wills
Fortune Cookie Prize                Beat Happening (I love Beat Happening.)
Johnny & June                Heidi Newfield        
Two Of A Kind        Syd Barrett
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend        Ramones
I Want You Around (Original Version)        Ramones
Oh Oh I Love Her So        Ramones
She's The One                Ramones        
I Dig Your Mind        Nervous Breakdowns        (I gotta leave some of my garage-punk-psych in here!)
That Special Kind of Clay        Thee Headcoats
With A Girl Like You        The Troggs
I Happen To Love You        Electric Prunes
Smell of Incense        The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (Maybe more sexy and atmospheric than romantic, but still...)
i Won't Hurt You        The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (Subtle yet intense psychedelic love!)
I Dig You                Boss Hog
Love Me        The Cramps (In honor of Lux and Ivy)
I Need You        The Kinks
All Day And All Of The Night        The Kinks (The Kinks are primal!)
Love You More        Buzzcocks
What You Do to Me        Teenage Fanclub
I Can Only Give You Everything        Little Boy Blues (Fuzztone romance!)
Sugar Sweet        Muddy Waters (You need to have Muddy!)
You Shook Me                Muddy Waters
Sweet Little Angel        B.B. King
All Of Me        Esquivel (Just in case we need to lounge)
Besame Mucho                Esquivel
At Last        Etta James
I'm Yours                Jason Mraz
Crazy for You        Adele
Woman        John Lennon

So there you have it. Suggestions are welcome!

Some things that won’t be on it: Here is a slideshow of unromantic album covers.
I would kind of like to hear what this one sounds like, though:

but this one is just... too much.


(Anonymous) at 2009-02-12 23:59 (UTC) (Link)
i meant to suggest a song, and forgot! i think there's nothing cuter than anniversary song by cowboy junkies. for love songs, anyway.
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