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Basically true right now

Posted on 2009.04.14 at 15:41
Current Music: Juliana Hatfield - My Baby...

I can't remember who I grabbed this from this morning. If it is you, tell me and I will credit.


metalclarinet at 2009-04-17 03:53 (UTC) (Link)
Cartoon has made the rounds: the fifth question -- On most nights we drink decent wine. Why on this night do we drink caugh syrup.

This year I hunted down a Kosher for Passover bottle of Casa Viejo Tequila. So, at my brother's second Seder, after the meal, we did some shots before moving onto the rest of the singing & cups, etc. (Not to mislead, grape juice has always been the biggest seller at my Brother's. However, folks were curious about the tequila. I tried some and thought it was smooth, but then I am 58 and have never tried tequila before. My son assured me that it was a lot better that stuff he drank with friends.

And of course, it couldn't be kosher with a 'worm' (moth larva, actually) floating in the bottle. I suppose they could import one of the acceptable species of locusts for the purpose ....
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