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Need a hippo? Call Israel!

Posted on 2009.11.03 at 10:41
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Unexpectedly, at least for me, Israel has become the largest exporter of hippopotami to zoos!

Of course, the headline had to be Israel feeds hungry, hungry hippo market.


(Anonymous) at 2009-11-04 18:59 (UTC) (Link)

And the other Safari story, and another...

Apropo the Safari:

How do you feed two thoroughly frightened and famished lions, armed solely with battle rations?

That’s the dilemma some IDF reservists faced during the Cast Lead campaign last January.

As his unit hunkered down near an abandoned Palestinian zoo, the brigade commander frantically sought to move the lions – and several other orphaned ‘residents’, out of the war zone…or find a way to feed them.

The IDF has some weird posts – including two stand-up comedians and a fulltime magician, but who thought the army would need a lion keeper… One idea was to mobilize several personnel from the Ramat Gan Safari Park into reserves, and embed them with the infantry unit, on special assignment for the duration.

How did the IDF handle the situation? No one knows, but when the reservists withdrew from Gaza, the lions were in their cages and doing just fine. (One died months later, in Palestinian hands.)

For this and other incredible snippets of the REAL Israel - zany, offbeat, nervy and nutty -- see Chelm-on-the-Med Online (chelm-on-the-med.com).

By the way, speaking of Safari exports:

Ramat Gan's mayor promised the Safari would give the Palestinians a pair of genuine zebras to replace two donkeys the Rafiah zoo painted with stripes to 'look like zebras' after smugglers demanded an arm and a leg -- $15,000 -- to 'trundle' a zebra under the Egyptian-Gaza border...
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