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Posted on 2009.11.18 at 13:52
In my recent genealogical studies I found this tidbit in a book about Rozwadow, Poland, where some of my people were from. Moshe Reich was my grandfather Sam’s brother.

In 1905 the town was overrun by a wave of refugees from Russia- on their way to Western Europe. Though they stayed for only a short time, some of them with their brilliant personalities and revolutionaries past, left their imprint on the perennial Talmud students of the town. Under their influence they started learning the Bible, Hebrew grammar, languages and history. Among the younger generation there were three outstanding talents: H. G. Wisen, the well-known philologist and grammarian; Ajzyk Mandel, the great Talmud scholar – both deceased – and Rabbi Mosze Reich, the present editor of the Rabbi Kook Institute in Jerusalem, and M. Mohr, who has won a prominent place in modern Hebrew literature with his fine felt poems and beautiful translations. The members of this circle imbued the town with their Zionist ideas and love for the Hebrew language, their personal rectitude and upright national spirit, and their influence continued even after they had left Rozwadow to seek their personal future.

I love that he turned people towards Bible and Hebrew- that’s my thing!

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