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Clever, except silly

Posted on 2010.02.25 at 16:55

What is it with the GOP and unintended slips like this? First they go around bragging about their teabagging, and now a commercial with a guy whispering about how someone is gonna ram it down his throat.


uberconfused at 2010-02-25 22:07 (UTC) (Link)
If this didn't piss me off so much, I might find it amusing.
theservant at 2010-02-25 22:09 (UTC) (Link)
I'm happy to let them spend their money on stuff like this.
jonnymoon at 2010-02-26 22:58 (UTC) (Link)

Again...another explanation if you can hear it

Really? You're confused?

You must be watching Communist's News Network (and believing Obozo propoganda).

Simple...Tea Partiers (not teabaggers, that's an idiot's expression) didn't like being taxed and having nothing to show for it. So they involved the "Party of Know" to abstain from participating. Interestingly enough, all of Obozo's horses and all of Obozo's men STILL couldn't agree and pass this...and the Republicans stayed out of it! Sounds like a failure of the Party in the majority.

Anyway, after arguing amongst themselves for a year, and after Emporer Obozo let the entire economy and job situation languish, the so-called president decided to blame it on them, and call them all together in a meeting. Everyone knew that he had already decided to play dirty pool and try to shove it through despite the wishes of the American people (64% at last count AGAINST their bill). So he got them all together for a last big show for the American people. Then he consumed most of the time trying to tell us what we already know, then he pretended to listen to Republicans while giving Democrats a chance to parrot what he'd just said. If a Republican brought up anything he didn't like, he'd pout, then interrupt, and then blow off anything they said...then pass the ball back to his own team.

Of course at the end of the day, the only thing which was accomplished was for the president to look more like a demogogue and the Party of Know to look even more competent...and the president was furious but became even more determined to use the "Nuclear Option"...he set his lip and quipped to the press, "I've always got a plan B."

He's always HAD this plan, but he needed to try to make it look like the Republicans were the bad guys. Nice try...but all Americans know now that Democrats own this entire mess.

NOW do you understand? Bah, I doubt it...most liberals keep their heads buried up to their shoulders in their anuses, and it keeps them from hearing the truth.

But hey, you can just to the typical Obozo thing, and delete my post while patting yourself on the back and having some more koolaid with your liberal friends.

Drink up, me boyo. This plan dies now or later...legislation passed by "reconcilliation" gets re-examined and by the time the whole thing is supposed to take effect, it'll get deleted.

Enjoy your coolaid and white wine.
metalclarinet at 2010-02-27 06:30 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Again...another explanation if you can hear it

Pretty lame to complain about the term teabagger and then use the language that you do.

Our health care system is broken and a couple trends are going to let more air out of the tires. Costs are rising faster than in other countries for many reasons. One reason is the high cost of overhead caused by dis-economies of the free market system. Another is that our lawsuit culture breeds expensive and unproductive defensive medicine. Lawsuits are a libertarian solution to malpractice -- treating it as a crime of property. The socialist solution is to cover future health costs automatically and have other damages handled by a government sanctioned compensation board.

Another problem: globalization means that the percentage of employers offering health care will decline. This means that an increasing percentage of people will not have insurance and will be faced with higher health care costs.

Insurance companies will increasingly push surgery and other 'high profit' hospital activities to clinics that don't give pro bono care. Similarly, budget problems will cause medicaid payments to drop. These changes will squeeze hospital ability to provide uncompensated care.

Bottom line: the next push for health care reform will be for socialized medicine. And it will be a strong push.

Since you sound like an Ayn Rand type, you might want to read about her fascination with a serial killer -- the prototype for John Galt.
jonnymoon at 2010-02-28 15:08 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Again...another explanation if you can hear it

"Pretty lame to complain about the term teabagger and then use the language that you do."

Sauce for the goose.... FWIW, I like the way you made your points. Very succinct. Misguided, perhaps, but well spoken.

"Our health care system is broken..." Nobody is denying it. What the majority of the country is saying is that we don't want the bill that the Democrats are pushing. What we are saying is to take the good ideas from their plan, combine them with the good ideas from the "Party of Knows better" and create a bi-partisan plan which Americans can accept...instead of Pelousy's power-mad "We'll do it without you" and Reid's "All politics are done by buying senators!" crazy concoction.

"The next push for health care reform will be for socialized medicine." That's ALREADY what they are pushing...a government takeover, disguised as socialised medicine. What most people don't seem to understand is that it will not fix the system, it will only put government in charge of it...and government is incompetent at running business. The result is going to be worse healthcare, not better. I don't consider rationing and "Death Panels" a viable alternative, and hope you don't either.

Maybe the costs will go down. More likely it will go up, with the costs unfairly put on those who EARN wages and given to those who are DEADBEATS.

I'm not interested in feeding people who produce nothing and only breed if you enable them. Tribbles. In fact, they're not even as good as Tribbles...they're cockroaches. If you left it up to me, I'd break them loose from their institutionalized depenency on the government teat altogether and tell them to make their own way. At the very minimum, I'd force them to get drug tests before collecting their next welfare or WIC check.

Socialism and socialised medicine be damned...if it's so good, why do people in such nations come to the United States for their care? If it's so good, why is it that the biggest employer in England IS the healthcare system...and people STILL want to get rid of it? Bureaucracy much?

Socialized medicine is not a fix. It is the deathknell of the best medicine in the world. Who will innovate, if not capitolized and privately funded medicine? The government? Really? Where will the money come from and how many times more would it take them than a privately funded team? How many new drugs have come from government labs? (And I don't count the so-called "vaccine" for that fraud "Swine Flu".)

Finally, if you want to compare me to Ayn Rand, I might point out a few observations of Obama's staff for you. For instance, his great admiration of Chavez, Castro, or his own picks for his czars, or even that one lady who LOVES Mao. This guy Ayn Rand admired was a serial killer, but Che Guevarra killed hundreds of thousands, and Mao killed millions. (I don't have the weblink for that, I'll leave research as an exercise for the student.) Oh, and for the record, I don't read Ayn Rand. I tried once (Atlas Shrugged) but BORING. I guess if you're trying to make a point, I could make the effort to read it again, for your sake. But if you're in to reading, may I suggest Heinlein? I've read everything he wrote, even "Grumbles" (although that was Virginia, but it was a collection of his notes).

Oh, and one more thing...you would do yourself a world of good to visit other websites besides the liberal progressive sites. MoveOn.org and AlterNet.org are not exaclty un-biased, or anywhere near good sources of information. Try FoxNews or GlenBeck if you want the truth. If you'd like more good sites, just let me know. I'd be happy to help you out of your sand pit. :)

jonnymoon at 2010-03-04 23:31 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Again...another explanation if you can hear it

No reply? Very well, I accept your silence as a forfeit and I rest my case.

Thanks for admitting I'm right.
metalclarinet at 2010-03-06 05:22 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Again...another explanation if you can hear it

Gosh, you won? Congratulations. If this were Chucky Cheese you could swap in the win tickets and get a Pez dispenser or a hot wheels.

First, a basic definition: Socialism is where the Government owns the means of production. The Democrats are not proposing to nationalize hospitals and Dr offices or to make all health care workers direct government employees. For example, the government owns the roads and the airports, but we don't call transportation socialized.

Heath care costs far less in European countries and the people there live longer. Life expectancy in France, for example, is 2 years longer than in the US. Their percentage of poor emigrants, I believe, is comparable to ours and smoking is more common in France than in the US.

As much medical innovation comes out of Europe as out of North America. of course, most research in the US is government funded. While private drug companies do most of the testing, the actual drugs often are based on research done at government funded universities. Drug companies, by the way, spend far more on advertising than they do on research. One reason Americans don't live as long may be because they take more perscription drugs.

Perhaps you can name a 'pure capitalist' country that produces a lot of medical innovation. Somalia has no government. How are they doing?

>>I don't consider rationing and "Death Panels" a viable alternative, and hope you don't either.

At the moment, bipartisan health care legislation = no health care legislation. That said, almost all of the current proposed provisions were advocated by Republicans before the party decided to block heath care for political reasons. For example, "Death Panels" was a Republican idea and remains a good one. (You do know that the proposal simply was to let people consult a Dr about palliative care where the patient or their families thought that other treatments were hopeless.

Capitalism rations health care -- so will any plan that controls costs. Today people with insurance pay for the uninsured as an overhead. Hospitals have a duty to treat. If you don't want to subsidize deadbeats, then make it illegal for hospitals and doctors to treat people who don't have insurance and can't pay cash. Never mind "Death panels", no money would be a death sentence.

I doubt that Obama or anyone in his administration admires either Castro or Chavez. I would guess that Obama's heroes are folks like Learned Hand and Louis Brandeis.

>>Che Guevarra killed hundreds of thousands, and Mao killed millions.

You greatly overrate Che and underrate Mao.

We do appear to agree on fiction. I got through Atlas Shrugged, but only by skipping the boring parts -- most of the last 2/3 of the book. I agree that Heinlein books are terrific. I have never been to the MoveOn.org website and have never heard of AlterNet.org. I do go both Drudge.com and DrudgeReport.com.

My favorite Fox news moment came when they ran a big banner saying "BREAKING NEWS" and showed a nuclear bomb going off. Heart be still. Needless to say I stayed tuned, and eventually learned that it was the 50th anniversary of the nuclear test on Bikini Atoll (by our thankfully socialized military.)

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