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Rashi laptop

A good read

Posted on 2003.11.25 at 15:47
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Robert Johnson - Ramblin' On My Mind (Take 1)
We are all home from the hospital and all that. While Dad was there, I read a fine book by Umberto Eco, the author of The Name of the Rose, called Baudolino. It isn't quite as snappy as The Name of the Rose, but it would make a really good movie, and Sean Connery could play the title role as well, since it is told in flashback. I am also pleased to have realized the the Jewish character in it, R. Solomon of Gerona, is a caricature of Prof. Moshe Idel of the Hebrew University (from whom I have taken a couple of classes); it's not a big deal, but I like the idea that I got some kinda obscure academic in-joke. Makes me feel like a big man. In any case, give this book a read.

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