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4 questions (not the usual ones...)

Posted on 2010.10.29 at 17:44

4 questions for Republicans... and 4 answers for undecided voters


eitanhalevy at 2010-11-01 05:06 (UTC) (Link)
(Note: I don't live in the US and am not voting in the upcoming elections)

OK, after looking up what the heck 'Nazi re-enactor' means, who cares? He re-enacted a bunch of different battles from different wars playing people on different sides. It doesn't sound like it had anything to do with anti-semitism. Perhaps a bit insensitive, but this is his private life. He's free to think the swastika is a pretty shape if he likes, as long as he supports Israel and is cool with Jews in general. (Also, doesn't the Democratic party have at least one former KKK member?) For my part, I don't like the type of person who does war re-enactments. But if he supports Israel (which I don't know) and the opponent doesn't, I could overlook that.

Secondly, the reasons for the economic downturn and very, very slow recovery are myriad, complicated, and cannot be reduced to "who was president when 'X' happened." Personally I'm inclined to think the policies of both Bush and Obama had little to do with either the crash or recovery, except for saving the banks at the moment of crisis (which they BOTH did). The main culprit was banking practices, lack of transparency and lack of regulation (which both Clinton and later Bush slashed).

Sorry. There's no simple answer to which party is 'better.' You have to actually look at the candidate in question and think about their positions and whether you agree or disagree with them. These 'questions' are not going to convert anyone, but are just more grist for the internal mill of the left-leaning public.
theservant at 2010-11-01 06:28 (UTC) (Link)
What I hope that people would take away from that is precisely that the whole situation is complicated, and that it is ridiculous to indulge in the current meme being flogged by one side, which is that the economy was all hunky-dory until Obama took office, at which point there was a massive downturn. I was no fan of the Bush administration in general, but I thought that they actually acted fairly responsibly in reacting to what happened, and had Obama taken office six months earlier, he would have done pretty much the same thing. My intent was just as you say, to get people to think that the economic downturn had causes which are myriad and complicated.
As for the other thing
The KKK member you refer to is probably the late Senator Robert Byrd who was indeed in the KKK in the '40s, and had spoke eloquently about his teshuvah. He left the movement completely and before it was politically necessary for him to do so.
The candidate in question is indeed free to dress up in an SS uniform if he wants. But I am uncomfortable with the judgement of someone who thinks that pretending to be an SS officer is good fun. I don't like the idea of treating Nazi Germany as just one of two sides in a long-ago conflict.
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