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Yahrtzeit and the meaning of Chanukkah

Posted on 2010.12.06 at 11:34
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Of course, in addition to being Meret’s birthday, tonight is my Dad’s yahrtzeit, the 6th night of Chanukkah. That year that day fell on Dec. 25th, so it seems strange to be marking it so early, and while we will be celebrating, but that is how life (and death) works. When Dad went into the hospital for the last time, the doctors thought, and told us, that he would die that night. That is actually pretty much the only reason they even admitted him. But he didn’t die right away. He lasted for 8 days, holding on as long as he could, and then he died. This taught me about Chanukkah. The point of the holiday is not the oil or anything, the point is that sometimes, life holds on longer and gives you just a bit more than you thought it could or had any right to expect it could. Sometimes things go a little better than you thought they would. Sometimes things turn out better, like when I married the woman of my dreams and got the daughter of my dreams in the bargain!


Release the Kraken!
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Nice. Just...nice. What a wonderful thought.
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