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Rashi laptop

Spam gets creative?

Posted on 2004.01.03 at 21:51
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Bird's Birds - No Good Without You
Sometime in the last week I got a typical spam email offering to sell me Rush Limbaugh-style pain pills; unfortunately, there is nothing unusual about that. What did strike me as unusual was the subject line, which starts out in the usual way, and then sort of veers off, to whit:

pickup Some some vïcodèn   crystalline dementia northampton serve railway soya alexei stein wherefore allergy privilege alcohol gentility canonic atavistic abo

See what I mean? The body of the email had the usual list of prescription drugs I could buy, but then at the bottom continued in the same sort of beat-poetry vein:

sediment tower debug embroidery beryllium divergent fluency crewel turtle tune squint bronchial tapir inboard loki junk felonious affricate indian neater enforcible pizzeria dispelling beth gentry cultivate malleable dreary baden groundskeep referable sax agnew apropos extensor pod ripley ample boogie gunky lest tungsten bradford blast seaside verb bois anchoritism troll delicious sunfish shire anastigmatic smack monoxide possible acapulco cyclotron conception moran

Is this art? Is there some practical point to this, like putting browser bait on web pages? Are these words some kind of secret code? Should I meditate on them? Is there some sort of frustrated stream-of-consciousness writer out there who has a day job sending spam, and who puts in his work at the bottom? I want to know.

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