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Rashi laptop

Kosher Sex!

Posted on 2004.01.15 at 23:27
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Just in case you were curious about various halachic questions regarding sex, along comes Koshersex.com, which will answer all your questions, at least as much as they ever get answered in this kind of situation.
By the way, a similarly named site in Britain, Koshersex.co.uk is completely different, selling various sexual aids, seeming to concentrate on those molded after the body parts of Jewish porn stars.
Anyway, if you buy anything from the second place, you can check it out on the first site to see if it is permissible. It probably is.


(Anonymous) at 2004-01-21 07:18 (UTC) (Link)

i'll take my sex un-hekshured(sp?)

it's shit like that that makes me furious with my heritage. i know that history has not always been kind to women, but some of those rules are just ridiculous. I read through the whole site. it's outrageous.

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