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Rashi laptop

worst opening ever

Posted on 2004.02.28 at 23:28
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad
Well, the latest news is that I have a new apartment all lined up, right outside of Harvard Square. I shall be moving in over the next week, so my internet access may be a bit spotty. Not that you care. But maybe you do.
Anyway, I came across this article from the Hoosier gazette on a Christian rock band who re-works cheezy 80s songs so that they have a Christian message. This page has perhaps the most unappealing opening sentence ever, and I quote "If you love 80s music and love the Lord Jesus Christ, there is a new rock band that might be just what you have been looking for." I couldn't have imagined anything more to the point than that.

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