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Rashi laptop

We are obviously the tops

Posted on 2004.05.03 at 23:37
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Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, our great ally, has said that the latest terrorist attacks in the kingdom are due to Zionism. This article, and the reader comments really kind of upset me, but also make me puzzled. First off, if I were bin Laden, or in al-Qaeda (and I'm not, CIA guys), it would really frost my ass that a bunch of Jews are always being given the credit for my handiwork.

As a bona fide Zionist Jew, it also seems to me that these people are really on the wrong side of things. Although vastly outnumbered by just about every other people on the planet, we seem to be able to engineer terrorist strikes at will in any place we choose, including places like Saudi Arabia where we aren't even allowed. The Mossad seems to be able to pull of incredible feats of mayhem and sabotage, and somehow get Osama to take credit for it! Of course, they don't seem to be able to always prevent bombings in their own capital, but that is probably just to throw people off the trail of their own omnipotence. So basically what I am saying is that everyone else is obviously a total loser, and you should obviously all convert and join the winning team. Muslim men are already circumcised, and don't eat pork, so it won't be such a big deal.

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