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Rashi laptop

Gearing up for sickening tributes

Posted on 2004.06.06 at 22:09
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: The Ventures - Music To Watch Girls By
It's been a while since I blogged, partly because I have been in a worried frenzy over the state of my external hard drive, which seems to have crapped out on me. This is the thing to which I back up my data, so no loss that way, but it is also the thing on which I store lots of my music (most of which was obtained legally!) so there is about 15 gb worth of music which is in hard drive limbo, at the mercy of Techfusion of Cambridge to get off of it, for which they are going to charge me an exorbitant fee. That is, assuming it can be done. Oh well. My bad, as the young kids say.
So I am gearing up for the inevitable Reagan tributes. I suppose that it is unseemly for lefty types like me to call him names for a few months, although I think that it is our duty as Americans to continue to speak out against his policies and their awful legacies. Much like with Nixon, there will be a period of good will, they will put him on a short lived stamp, there will be talk of a coin, and then in a few months we can go back to normal. It is going to be an interminable week or so, though, with nothing but sappy and inaccurate TV tributes.

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