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This is really getting to be too much

Posted on 2004.06.10 at 16:35
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OK, the cable news channels are still devoting wall-to-wall coverage to Reagan, and we taxpayers are getting the benefit of giving everyone in the government a paid vacation tomorrow. Not that it isn't nice for people to get a day off, but c'mon.
This has been an appropriate day to start my new book, The Republican Noise Machine, by David Brock. This book shows (so far) how the right-wing media machine works to define our national agenda and undermine our democracy.
It is hard to think of a better example of the conservative bias in the media than what is going on right now with this whole Reagan mess. I sort of feel scared to say what I really thought of him as a person and as a President.
Anyway, one of the best antidotes I have found to this is this article by David Greenberg, which explodes some of the myths about Reagan currently being put forth as holy writ, such as that his policies won the cold war, and that he was even all that popular during his Presidency; his average rating was lower than Clinton's, and he never achieved the ratings that George H. W. Bush did after the First Gulf War.
If the lamentable death of Ray Charles can have any positive consequences, it may be that this can distract the new from the canonization in which they have been indulging for too long.

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