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Rashi laptop

Sleepy, bored, and spending lots of cash

Posted on 2004.08.04 at 17:42
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Preston Epps - B'wana Bongos
I took my car in today to get the a/c recharged because it is hot outside and while it blows, the air is not cold. Of course, they found a bunch of other stuff wrong with it. It is not a complete scam because I knew that some of it was wrong, but this guy made it sound pretty dire, and pushed me to have it done right away. Since some of it involved my really really needing new brakes (I thought I needed some, but didn't know that I really really needed them), and the car was already there, I figured I might as well go ahead. They don't seem more likely to rip me off than my usual place.
So here I sit at a Vietnamese tea place on Mass Ave, sipping on a bubble tea served by an exquisitely beautiful tea woman. That is a good place to be; it would be, anyway, if I weren't waiting for my cell phone to ring with the notice that I will have the pleasure of spending $1000 for a non-leaking a/c hose, two new tires, new front and rear brakes, and a new whatever-it-is-that-is-making-the-check-engine-light-come-on. I hate dealing with car people because I know absolutely nothing about it, and I feel like mechanics laugh at me. They probably do. Oh well. At least my car is less likely to simultaneously fail to stop, blow both rear tires, and not relieve my hot and sweatiness all at the same time, which was apparently where it was headed. I regard that as a positive sign. For the rest, I blame Haliburton.
The whole Democratic convention left me with a dangerously major need for Kerry to win. The main danger is that in my heart of hearts I know that it is probably not likely. It can indeed happen, but unseating a president in a time of pseudo-war is difficult, and the GOP is a formidable foe. They are so wrong, though. So, so wrong. Not all of them; I am not some kind of straight party ticket person, but this wing of the party that is currently running things, the big business Christian fundy neo-con unholy alliance that makes up the Bush wing of things really is a bunch of Satanic neo-fascists who should all be sterilized along with their families to prevent their genes from wreaking further havoc on humanity in the future.
This is dangerous thinking mainly because if we lose I am going to be incredibly crushed and disillusioned. Sigh. Don't let me down, Kerry! Not you, and not your youthful ward, John Edwards!

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