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Rashi laptop

OK, go for it.

Posted on 2004.10.04 at 11:01
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Blind Lemon Jefferson - Weary Dogs Blues
So, I was just into being all high-minded and that, when I saw this article on the Fox news website, in which they admit, at the bottom, that an earlier version contained an interview with a guy from something called "Communists for Kerry." The admission here is that this is a totally bogus organization. This, combined with their post-debate thing that had just a bunch of stupid, made-up quotes from Kerry is convincing me of the real evil of the right wing that just won't stop, and is likely to get worse as things go on. And while CBS may have been guilty of sloppiness in going after a juicy story, Fox is just making things up to slander Kerry.
So go get 'em.

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