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One last serious post for the year

Posted on 2004.12.31 at 14:17
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Unless I find something else, but that doesn't seem likely.

According to a newly published letter from Pope Pius XII, Catholic churches in France were specifically instructed, in 1946, not to return Jewish children who had been placed in their care to anyone "...not in a position to guarantee them a Christian upbringing." There was some distinction made between children who had actually been baptized while in the care of the Church and those who hadn't, but even those who hadn't were not to be handed over to those "who have no rights over them."
Pope Pius was not really a very good man in many ways. And many of those many ways have to do with his responses to Nazism, which he seems to not have regarded as really a terrible thing, and in no way even a bit as bad as Communism.
That is an attitude that, I think, permeated the cold war, in the attitude of many towards right-wing dictatorships. It can be seen in the current Pope, and his extreme opposition to liberation theology, and to the liberal priesthood in Central America, which he has pretty effectively quashed. If he is so into canonizing people, let him canonize Archbishop Romero of San Salvador. But he won't.
The story has something of a happy ending, though. Luckily, the Papal envoy in Paris was Angelo Roncalli, later to become Pope John XXIII. He, by contrast, seems to have been a good man. He disobeyed the order, and oversaw the reunification of many Jewish families, or at least what was left of them.

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