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Rashi laptop

It's a monday kind of tuesday

Posted on 2003.05.27 at 13:57
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Taj Mahal-Stagger Lee
I am somewhat upset with the settlers who thought that this place was fit for human habitation. It is still in the 50s and raining. It has been cold and rainy all weekend. That ain't right. Oh well. It was a good movie weekend. Plus, apparently Shalom Hunan has begun delivering their tasty kosher Chinese food to my area, so that is a big plus.
I am by no means an expert in the New Testament, and inasmuch as my opinion matters in these kinds of matters, I am sort of against Apocalypticism as a religious strategy, and the major texts of the genre seem to have, over the ages, lent themselves to all manner of erroneous interpretation. Plus, they tend to be so weird as to be impenetrable. Still, they do contain some interesting imagery. Submitted for your approval, the book of Revelations done in Pokemon style. You probably think that I am kidding. I'm not.
In a perhaps rlated matter, here is a maddening item about an anti-porn crusader who was arrested for child molestation. I guess that maybe he was better than the rest of us cause he wasn't looking at pictures or anything. GRR!

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