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Rashi laptop

Ah sweet procrastination

Posted on 2005.02.02 at 09:27
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: Les Sexareenos - Out The Door
So tomorrow I am giving a lecture at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, on how to read a midrash for fun and profit. The profit will be mine, of course. This is pretty much my standard midrash lecture, using the Jacob and Esau story in Genesis 25:29-33, getting them to see the parts of this that bothered the rabbinic mind, and then moving to Genesis Rabbah 63:12, to show how the rabbis use this text to prove that Esau was an evil murdering scum who deserved everything he got and more. At least in this one reading.
I basically have to write that down in a form that will take about an hour to say. Not a big problem, except that I am in ultra-procrastination mode.
Livejournal is a good way to act like you are working when you aren't, isn't it?

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